Kozjak youth awarded in Sombor

Youth members of photo cinema club Kozjak from Kumanovo, Dario Korolija and MiloshTonchevski won significant awards on the 3rd International Youth exhibition of art photography Sombor 2013 in the category up to 16 or 21.

Of the 343 photographs received from 57 authors, Dario Korolija won first prize for collection and Milos Tonchevski won third prize for photography. The youth authors from pcc Kozjak work hard on their development as a photographers as can be witnessed by these two awards, for which the club is particularly proud. PCC Kozjak is continuously working with young artists through free courses for art photography that it organizes and photo presentations of eminent photographers held in the club premises, allowing their upgrading and expanding knowledge of art photography.