Results – Moment 2013

Respected authors, photo cinema club Kozjak and organization PorakaNasa thanks you for participating at Moment 2013. With applying at Kozjak exhibitions you helped us collect funds that will be donated to children with difficulties in development. We very much appreciate your works and the help you gave us in completing our goals.
On the International exhibition of art photography MOMENT 2013, the organizing committee counted 3686 arrived photos from 356 authors from 66 countries. All received photos are fabulous with special cultural characteristics that makes our photo contest step up to a higher level of artistic quality. We very much appreciate all photographers. The judging of International exhibition of art photography MOMENT 2013 is now finished.

The judges Slobodan Simic (Serbia), Hulki Muradi (Turkey) and Mariya Andrichuk (Ukraine), that had very hard job, decided to accept 404 photographs in section MOVEMENT, 490 photographs in section PEOPLE and 416 photographs in section NATURE. The acceptance list can be found on the following link: Acceptances Acceptances and the report cards for each author can be found on following link:

Following are the awarded authors:

FIAP Best author – Roland Jensen (Denmark)


FIAP Gold: Hui Ling Fan – Taiwan – Winner
FIAP Silver: nurullah genc – Turkey – hayda bre
FIAP Bronze: Sharon Prenton Jones – United Kingdom – The Kiss
FIAP Diploma: Pimpin Nagawan – Indonesia – Cock Fighting
FIAP Diploma: Zoltan Bese – Hungary – Free style
FIAP Diploma: Perini Valerio – Italy – Unlike dance

IAAP Gold: Paul Esser – Germany – Looping
IAAP Silver: Md. Khalid Rayhan Shawon – Bangladesh – Interchanging Train
IAAP Bronze: Yury Pustovoy – Russia – Myanmar fishermen
IAAP Diploma: jianhua zhang – China – untrammelled
IAAP Diploma: Fatimah Almarhoun – Saudi Arabia – Tawaf(circling)
IAAP Diploma: Isa Ebrahim – Bahrain – Swimmer

PAM Gold: David Candlish – United Kingdom – Vertical
PAM Silver: Oleg Kutskiy – Ukraine – Rain in our town
PAM Bronze: MAJID ALAMRI – Oman – the great escape.
PAM Diploma: Yuriy ZILINSKYY – Ukraine – Entertainment
PAM Diploma: INDUNIL MUNASINGHE – Sri Lanka – Move
PAM Diploma: Daniel LYBAERT – Netherlands – Gecorrigeerde vlucht


IAAP Gold: Bojan Petrovic – Serbia – Commando 1
IAAP Silver: Erol Colakovic Sehic – Switzerland – After apocalipses
IAAP Bronze: Elek Papp – Hungary – Artificer
IAAP Diploma: Minh Ngoc Le – VietNam – Childhood eye
IAAP Diploma: Mykhaylo Palinchak – Ukraine – When I grow up…
ISF Gold: Pimpin Nagawan – Indonesia – Children Story
IAAP Diploma: Mohammed Alnaser – Saudi Arabia – Nila

ISF Silver: Leonid Goldin – Israel – Indifferent
ISF Bronze: PIRES DIAS Jose Manuel – France – Dormir pour ne pas partir
ISF Diploma: PUN Tak Cheong – Macao – HE TRIPPED AND FELL DOWN
ISF Diploma: fira alexandra – Romania – ANA MARIA
ISF Diploma: Zvonko Radicanin – Croatia – Spooky Place


IAAP Gold: Angiolo Manetti – Italy – Ray of light
IAAP Silver: Roland Jensen – Denmark – Winter
IAAP Bronze: Faisal Al-Bisher – Kuwait – the big sun
IAAP Diploma: John Coumbias – South Africa – power fly
IAAP Diploma: Simon Krejan – Slovenia – On the out skirts of salina

UPI Gold: Dewald Tromp – South Africa – Aggressive display
UPI Silver: Petersohn Dagmar – Germany – Da hat es Knacks gemacht
UPI Bronze: bob Devine – United Kingdom – goshawk 1
UPI Diploma: Roy Killen – Australia – Paper wasp on guard
UPI Diploma: Eero Hauta-aho – Finland – Short Runway
UPI Diploma: Toni Siscus – Indonesia – My Family